Giant piano mats


We offer 3 different sizes of piano mats:


1) 30cm (Ideal for the classroom)  2) 6ft (Ideal for the home) 3) The worlds largest portable piano mat 12ft!

All come with play along cards and have access to over 100 play along songs on YouTube.



Amazing Fun in 4 Languages

Running, Jumping, Playing and Learning. It's fun that never stops, playing whilst exploring music.

All our Piano Mats are already avalible in English, Spanish, French and German.

Piano Mat.jpg

Play music in SECONDS

All of our Piano Mats come with 10 songs, designed for you to be able to play in seconds.

 These include:

Happy Birthday, Old MacDonald, Jingle Bells, Heart and Soul

Online resources.jpg

Online Resources

There are over 100 online play along songs avalible on YouTube. Kids can use these if they want to push themselves they range from Star Wars to Christmas Songs! 



Check out this video to see Rainbow Colours on QVC in the USA!